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This appointment is to discuss and develop a plan to deal with your dog’s current behaviors. We explain training equipment, set goals, and make a training plan. Right down all of your “K9 Questions”, we will answer any you may have.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be at any location, like at your home or at a park.

Lessons are designed to teach the human to be the leader, and how to effectively treat a particular behavior issue that their DOG is displaying

Group Obedience Class

Participate in a group class setting at the gots academy, 1 handler per DOG, only. Class meets 6 times over 1 month. This class is for serious DOG Owners only, that are determined to be the Pack Leader their DOG wants to follow. Socialization, is an earned privilege, and major benefit of this course (pre-evaluation of student, and canine are required). 

Day Camp Training

For those who need help with their dogs obedience and day care. We teach your dog basic obedience commands and exercise & socialize during the day, and have them home for the family at night, with video homework for all.

High Energy Breed Specific Training

Do you have a high energy DOG that you have No time or Knowledge on how to train and no-clue what to do with? But at the end of your 18 hour day you want to come home to a calm assertive loving DOG? We do everything we have your DOG every minute that you cannot pay 100% attention to your DOG.

We pick-up and deliver. We train your DOG in obedience, exercise, feed an appropriate designed diet and train and show or trial your DOG in AKC Confirmation, Herding, Agility and Trick DOG competitions and you get all the credit and bragging rights that you have a AKC champion K9.

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