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Coaching is in my blood

For over 30 years of my life my focus was athletics I was a Physical Education Teacher, Baseball Umpire, College Football Coach, and I tried my hand at sales and marketing. During that time I also managed to raise 1 AKC Confirmation Champion Cocker Spaniel and I rescued and rehabilitated another Cocker Spaniel saving him from the grim reaper.

Our Focus

Owner Behavior

Puppy Behavior

Good Citizen Behavior

dog chewing

Why Choose Us

I have been active in animal husbandry, and raising k9s’ since childhood. Currently, I am focused on upping my game in working dog education in protection, scent, service and rescue with the levels of training and teaching progressions involved. Along with certified canine services I provide equine & canine sports massage therapy and other related equine services.

In 2014 when I left education, I got certified by Animal Behavior College, worked as a volunteer for Take the Lead Dog Training at the Animal Keeper in Encinitas, CA for a few years and started my own business.


I began working for Cathy Meyers of “Take The Lead Dog Canine Training”(TTL)  in 2015 as an intern while attending Animal Behavior College. After completing my internship and Certification (2016-ABCDT) I stayed on as a volunteer assistant trainer with TTL 4 years.

This comes after a 30 year career in education and athletics at the high school and college level along with raising and showing AKC cocker spaniels and working full and part time in the private sector.

Classes taught at TTL include; Puppy Kindergarten, Beginning Obedience and Canine Good Citizen classes on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday 40 weeks per year and range in size from 5 – 20 dogs and handlers per class. Our Location is at the Animal Keeper Pet Daycare Center in Encinitas California where we rent space.

An affluent area of Southern California, we are blessed with all AKC breed types and a bountiful shelter and rescue population. As part of the program we held CGC classes at Palomar Med Center Escondido CA, a hospital to which was committed to canine therapy and cultivation of the education of service dog handlers.

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Our Philosophy


Train the owner first


Train the dog second


Committed to Excellence

Phone: 619.559-0222
Office: Office Hours: M-F 09:00 am – 17:00 pm PST