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“Come” is an imperative command that could save your dog’s life. Dogs are easily distracted and may not be aware of potential dangers, like oncoming traffic. If your dog is running toward danger, you want them to respond to your voice and come back to you. This command could prevent them from getting hurt or worse. It is challenging to teach because many things can distract your dog, but it is worth the effort. Here are steps to do this.

Utilize Positive Reinforcement

To teach your dog the ‘leave it’ command, you will need to use reinforcement in the form of treats. Start with high-value treats your dog doesn’t usually get, like chicken or hot dogs. If the treats are smelly, that will be even more motivating for your dog.

Consider Non-Food Rewards

If you want to reward your dog for good behavior, you can take him for a walk. This is especially effective if the dog knows that he will only get to go for a walk if he behaves well.

If you want your dog to obey the “come” command, you need to make sure that you are rewarding him for doing so. You can use verbal praise, petting, or even his favorite toys or treats.

Start Indoors First

You should not expect your dog to be able to obey complex commands immediately. Just as a child needs to progress through different grade levels, a dog needs to be trained gradually to learn more complex commands.

This means that if you want your dog to listen to you and come when you call them when you’re at the dog park, you need to train them to do this at home first. If they don’t listen to you well at home, they will not listen to you at the dog park either.

Start with basic commands indoors, where your dog is less likely to be distracted. Once your dog responds consistently, add more complex commands and move outdoors. Be patient and keep practicing until your dog responds well in all environments.

Use Recall Commands to Call Your Pooch

Dog owners often use their dog’s name as a way to get their attention, especially when they want to know where the dog is or what they’re up to. Instead of telling your dog to come when you’re indoors, you should just say their name to get their attention. This is because using their name doesn’t tell them what to do, so it’s not a good way to train your dog.

We know it can be difficult to break the habit of using your dog’s name, but try replacing it with the ‘come’ command. Make sure your dog comes all the way to you and is rewarded when they do.

Be Consistent

If you want your dog to come to you, it is crucial to be consistent with the command. You should always use the same word and mean the same thing when you say it. “Come” should always mean that your dog should come all the way to you. 

If you only reward your dog for coming part of the way, they may get the wrong idea about what the command means. If you don’t give your dog a specific order to come to you, they may think that being able to see you is good enough.


Recall is an essential skill for dogs to learn, as it allows them to be safely returned to their owner if they ever get lost. While it may seem daunting to teach your dog, this skill is quite simple, with a little patience and consistency. With time and practice, your dog will learn to come to you when you call them, even if there are distractions present.

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