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Let me take you and your DOG on an educational and relationship building journey

What we do

We train you to be the pack leader your DOG will follow and we rehabilitate DOGs. In person or, by ZOOM we hear your story discover the best way to care for your DOG. 1:1 training, board & train, or I refer out to a trainer who better meets YOUR needs

Mission Statement

To equip DOG Owners with the best possible canine education programs, teachers and trainers. So that; every DOG Owner may become their DOG’s Best Trainer, and Pack Leader. Understanding how your dog thinks and makes decisions is the “KEY” to getting your dog to do what you want – when you want, without the need for yelling, intimidation or constant supervision.

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We are here to help. Get in touch with us today and start you and your dog's journey to a better life.

“Becoming a widow is one thing, but when your husband’s second love was his Dog and I
was not a dog person I turned to Shayne for help. I had grown to love our dear Sunny she was
our daily companion, road in our private airplane, took trips, sat for all to pet, but my husband
did all the work. Shayne taught me how to be the Pack-Leader that our little Sunny would
follow. Shayne helped me to employ changes in my life that allowed Sunny to see me in a
different light as a leader and not a pack member. Anytime I cannot give 100% attention to her
Sunny is with Shayne at the GOTS ACADEMY.”

S. Huston

Solana Beach, CA

“I grew up riding horses in Texas, we always had Border Collies on the ranch so when my daughter asked we provided. Although, now I am in my well into my career as a surgeon and I forgot how much energy a Border Collie has and I do not have the amount of time to train and my daughter has never experienced a K9 before without saying anything about my husbands’ time demands in the motorsports business.
Thankfully, Shayne Ganz provides a special service for working professionals that own high energy breed dogs. Basically, for the last 7 years, our dog is with Shayne daily at his GOTS Academy when we are unable to provide 100% attention to our dog. He has trained our boy Ari in obedience and then how to herd sheep. He trialed him won titles and we get the bragging rights. We like to travel so our boy Ari and now our new Labradoodle Mombo always have their boarding needs taken car of; daily exercise, training disciplines, nutrition, and affection.
Shayne provides a track for us to run on as far as our K9 household rules and protocols that maintain our relationship with our DOGS by providing enrichment activities and procedures strengthening our K9/Human relationship while caring for our guests and visitors.”

A. Gosman, MD

Leucadia, CA

“King and Zeus are our 2 male German Sheppard Dogs. They both have very special needs
for exercise, discipline and daily training and medical care. My dogs are trained in obedience
and protection. When we travel I need someone who is skilled in working with GSDs and the
attention to detail it takes to care for their dermatological, exercise and behavior training needs.
Shayne Ganz of has the depth and breadth of experience to handle all of
King and Zeus’s GSD-Needs. Whether it is 1:1 obedience training, on line Zoom Class or board
and train opportunities Shayne and the GOTS Academy do it all with POSITIVE training
techniques and provides video review of all work.”

S. Kahn

Olivenhain, CA

Phone: 619.559-0222
Office: Office Hours: M-F 09:00 am – 17:00 pm PST